May 2011 - Fork Woes

Posted by bristollambretta on May 12, 2011 at 8:49 AM

Bent lambretta forks...poor old Billy has been having a right mare of it recently with his wobbly scooter. I asked him to sum up the recent issues he has had.....Some words from Billy-No-Mates...

Who'd have though it would take several months to sort out a couple of bent forks...anyway...

Having fallen off and bent the forks on my SX150 I though it was probably time to sort out the slightly wobbly forks on my SX200 as well. Or was it the frame???

What a minefield. The SX150 is a '66 so has bolt-in buffers but has been adapted to house dampers, The SX200 is '69 and has clip-in buffers. Both obviously series 3 but one with hub links and one with disc links.

What did i do?

Mistake No1...bought some forks on fleabay advertised as "Genuine Italian"... turned out to be "genuine" bullshit

Mistake No2...Didn't measure the length of the stems so bought more forks that were the wrong length, they're all different you know!

Mistake No3...Gave the forks to a mate who said he might be able to straighten them with a sledge Hammer. (Thankfully he never got around to it)

Solution 1 ...Took both forks to a reputable scooter workshop in Weston-Super-Mare. £25 Job done, thank you very much. They were unwilling to straighten the SX200 forks as they had be "too tampered with" in the past. Thank you EU health and safety regulations

Solution 2...Bought some late SX200 forks from a chap (also on fleabay) but he was true to his word. A bit pricey but worth it.

All scoots back on the road and sorted. I can now replace a set of forks blindfolded.

However, I have always been of the mind that only "genuine Italian" scooter parts are worth bothering with, BUT how can any of us know what is genuine or not these days. Anyway another reputable scooter workshop in Bristol had just replaced some forks bought from Cambridge Lambretta (made in Asia) but every bit as good as the originals...if not better...

I guess I should keep an open mind.

All the best Billy !

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