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31st May - Bank Holiday Monday

Posted by bristollambretta on May 31, 2010 at 9:01 AM Comments comments (1)

Just noticed on the interweb at about 2am Monday that a few guys were planning to grab a quick cup ofthe brown stuff down at the Bristol docks. So after managing to secure a two hour pass from the lady of the house, I decided to pop down for a bit to see what's what.  A few friendly bikers were there also and were keen to talk about our scoots. 

Some fine examples of Italian design were to be found along with a sausage sandwich at the Brunels Buttery on the Bristol docks.

Sunday 24th May Meet

Posted by bristollambretta on May 30, 2010 at 9:04 PM Comments comments (0)

It was great to see just so many people turn out for a chat and a coffee at Bristol docks this weekend. I didn't think to count but there must have been around twenty scooters there. I was particularly great to see so many new faces and scooters. Richard came along to show us his new Series 2 Lambretta and boy it was a peach.

Saturday 23rd May Scooter antics!

Posted by bristollambretta on May 23, 2010 at 3:02 PM Comments comments (0)

Had a weekend packed with scooter antics! First off Saturday 9:30 I hopped on the trusty S2 down to the Arnolfini to meet Chris as he has just got back into scootering after a six year absence. Shaun from the weston guys rocked up on his crazy spanish rustoration to collect a series 2 horn to complete his TV2. So hopefully Danny will stop taking the piss out of him now! Then it was a quick scoot round to the Brunels Buttery for a mug of brown and a sarnie followed by a quick chin wag. 

All too soon it was time to head back home as the misses wanted to go shopping in bath (yawn!)  However within half an hour of getting there I had my Inoccenti fix as I spotted a little red and white lammy in the bike park near the abbey.

Whilst waiting on the street for the misses to try on yet another pair of bleedin shoes my eye drifted across the display in the phone shop window...well bugger me if it aint Deano on his scoot all suited up riding around the streets of some small Italian town!!

Love Rediscovered - a little story of Lambretta ownership

Posted by bristollambretta on January 2, 2010 at 6:01 PM Comments comments (0)

My insurance had expired and since the weather was awful I didn't see the point in renewing any time soon. Besides I had a few jobs that needed doing on the scoot so was taking it off the road anyway.

That all changed when the sun came out on Friday! Upon waking and Seeing that the sun was out for the first time in what seemed like weeks, i got straight on the phone to renew my insurance. After parting with my sixty odd quid I was heading down to the garage to put the panels back on and after a quick check over i soon realised that the fuel tank was totally empty. No real problem as i had the trusty Gerry can full of Super Plus and a stack of 2 stroke.So there's me thinking right I'm just popping down to Bedminster to see the accountant and then to town for a hair cut, I don't really need more than about litre but found myself putting in three litres, just in case..So after after signing boring tax returns in Bedminster, I find myself with time to kill as the barber has phoned to tell me he is going to be late. No problem, I am having fun driving round bristol, so much that I find myself going the long way to get every where, with a trip up Gloucester road for no real reason and then around Clifton a bit. I had no real route just riding for the sake of it! I was out on the roads of Bristol just for the shear fun of it, something I hadn't thought possible for ages. As those civic planners have done there best to turn Bristol into driving hell for cars it seems to make even more sense to go around it on two wheels.

I have to say I took huge pleasure and a certain amount of pride in riding round on a machine that is essentially designed in the late 1950's it was made even better when im over taking all those people stuck in their Euro-boxes costing tens of thousands on this popping little Italian two stroke.Having discovered the joy of scootering once again and after a short stop to get the barnet chopped I continued my ride around Bristol, not really keeping an eye on time...it was getting dark now so I thought I had better head home and the traffic was starting to get heavy as it was around four and a Friday evening. Well I had been having so much fun that, not only had I not been keeping my eye on the time, but had not really thought about fuel either...well you can guess what happened next. Half down the Feeder road and about 2 miles from home, suddenly the scoot cuts out and I coast it to the side of the road. Oh dear I think and after bumping it onto the pavement I attempt to start it again. With one swift kick she starts up fine, but then goes into that scary 'im going to rev higher and higher until I explode' mode you get from when the mixture is too lean. Turning off at the key does nothing at all, so I quickly pull the clutch in and put it into first and stall it before it blows something. So now I know I have a fuel problem and after a quick inspection of the inline filter I can see there is no fuel in it. Im still thinking there is no way I have used three litres by just messing around town, but after looking in the tanks using my mobile phone as a light I can see there is just a dribble in there.Content in the knowledge that my scooter isn't broken and that I'im just an idiot who has now got about 35 mins walk home in the dark, I begin my walk home. It may have just been relief that I hadn't broken my scooter and partly a reflection on my fun afternoon, but I can help but find myself smiling all the way, while pushing my trusty 'bretta.

There was one final little thing to lighten my day and enforce my love toward my little scoot to. As where I live requires me to go up a slight but very long incline of about half a mile which I wasn't looking forward to. So as I am pushing my scoot for the first 15 mins or so, I devise a plan to tip that remaining dribble of fuel into the carb by leaning the bike over as I push it along and then ride it and see just how far I can go, even if it just a few yards at least that will save me the trouble of pushing it. At the bottom of the hill start the my scoot up and start slowly riding, I manage to make it all the way to the crest of the hill where it finally cuts outs and im able to coast, clutch in, all the way to my front door in silence again with a big smile on my face, partly by how stupid I have been, but mainly because of how much fun Lambrettas are!!!.